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Name            : Tom Mourik
Age              : 25
Location        : Utrecht, The Netherlands
Services         : 2D Character Animation| Character Design | Illustration
Interests        : Art | Music | Travel | History | Nature
Software       : Photoshop | TVPaint | After Effects | Anime Studio Pro

About me

I’m a specialized 2D character animator with 3 years of experience in big animation productions in the Netherlands. I am capable of a broad range of drawing styles and animation styles. My passion is hand-drawn animation, but I find satisfaction in digital cut-out animation as well.

I am a man who likes quality and I mainly focus on visual appeal and believable animation. In my animations, I don't just make the characters move, I make them come to life. 

Although I specialize in 2D character animation, I am also capable of making full 2D animation films (conceptualization, storyboarding, design, backgrounds, animation, compositing and editing).


    I have worked on multiple feature films, TV series, short films, youtube series and explanimations/infographics, including:
    • Senior Animator on Woezel & Pip: Op zoek naar de Sloddervos at Tom de Mol productions, Amsterdam
    • Junior Animator on Woezel & Pip season 3 (TV series) at il Luster productions, Utrecht
    • Animator on Paniek! by Joost Lieuwma (short film) at Frame Order animation collective, Utrecht
    • Animator on Trippel Trappel Dierensinterklaas (feature film) at Anikey Studio, Den Haag
    • Animator and Character Designer on Haring (short film) at KLOMP! Animations, Rotterdam
    • Animator for the animated youtube series Bad Days (season 1,2 and 3)for Stan Lee's World of Heroes at KLOMP! Studio, Amsterdam


    • 2D Character and Effects animation (hand drawn & cut-out)
    • Character Design 
    • Full Animation Films/Infographics (from concept to final product
    • Illustration (Concept Art / Children's books/ Animation Backgrounds)

    I'm always looking for interesting freelance projects, so if you think I can help you on your project or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me!

    Tom Mourik | November 2015

    Click here to view my resume/curriculum vitae