Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I Graduated!!!

I graduated a few weeks ago from the Utrecht School the Arts! Together with Ben Vinkenburg, Thijs Viegers and Jessy Suharyanto, I made a 4 minute animation: "Till Dance Do Us Part" (www.tilldancedouspart.com) The film is not yet finished and the site will probably be online at the end of the week. In the meanwhile you can like and follow our facebookpage: https://www.facebook.com/tilldancedouspart

Graduation made zombies out of us, but we managed to survive and graduate in time; after a few nights of 2 hours sleep at most, we finished our film just 1 minute before Thijs' exam, due to some rendering problems. Didn't had to have too much of a presentation this time, so standing there in front of my teachers like a zombie was no problem. They'd already seen the whole process in my first presentation, 2 months earlier. So I graduated at about 11 o' clock and had the rest of the day to party, do a powernap, and party some more.

So now that I'm graduated, I had to find a job. Luckily my old housemate and friend Junaid Chundrigar had a job for me. He made an Avengers fan film called Disassembled just after the Avengers became a hit, and then Stan Lee himself (creator of spiderman an lots of other superheroes) contacted him. So now Junaid has started a studio together with ex-classmate and animation-rockstar Davor Bujakovic, and they're making 2 awesome webseries; 'Bad Days' (for Stan Lee's World of Heroes) and 'Fanboy Rampage' for Mondo Media. I work at his studio 3 days a week now as a freelance animator. This is the first time I go to work wih a big smile on my face, so I like it very much!

Here's the Pilot for Fanboy Rampage. I animated the zombie-grandma that picks up her jaw from the floor.

Hope you like it.

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