Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Graduation Film Update

Last couple of months we've been working on a five minute long animation film. We realised that we wouldn't be able to finish the film on time, but we were planning to work all summer on this film. Then, after our test exam, we needed to cut the film into a 3 minute version. We decided that we'd rather have a good short film with no longer version necessary, than a bad short version of a longer film. So now we have decided that we'll make a short (under 2 minutes) cartoony, funny animation film which can be completed within the 6 or 7 weeks we've got left. The background and character style will be simplified and the storyboard will be finished on thursday. That gives us 6.5 weeks to finish this film.

This new film still has some of the original components left, like the man in the wheelchair, a chase sequence, the dancing, the house upon the hill etc, yet it's much less complicated and funnier. To sum it up: he flees for his (fat psycho) wife who wants to dance with him.

Anyway, here's an animation test I made (with the new character designs). Hope you'll like it! This is were he dreams that he grows older all of a sudden...

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Hilde said...

Wow, das echt heel anders dan eerst! :P Maar leuk, ben benieuwd naar jullie uiteindelijke film :)