Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Update on graduation film

Almost a year ago I started to generate ideas for my graduation film together with Ben Vinkenburg and Jessy Suharyanto. After a while, Jessy decided to make her own film, so past 6 months Ben and I worked on our film.
Last couple of weeks we've been into the preproduction full time. We came to the conclusion that we didn't have enough time to finish our film in time, so we asked our friend and classmate Thijs Viegers to join our project. Five days later, Jessy rejoined our project, so now we have a team of 4, which gives us the opportunity to make the film much better!

Within 4 weeks, the production will start. Ben will do the backgrounds, 3d animation/modeling etc and the compositing. Thijs will do the animatic, effect animation and character animation. Jessy and I will do character designs and animation.

Here's the first complete modelsheet and below an animation test.

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